Vinod Kapri, (born 15 August 1972) is a filmmaker and author. He won National Award for his film Can't Take This Shit Anymore in 2014.

Pradeep Mehra of Almora, who became famous overnight after going viral while running on the streets of Noida at midnight, is from Almora.

Pradeep Mehra, a 19-year-old boy from Uttarakhand, has captured everyone’s attention. He works at McDonald’s in Noida’s Sector 16.

Pradeep Mehra Story: When asked what he does in the viral video, the young man says he works at McDonald’s in Noida Sector-16.

This is indeed inspiring. But you know what my #MondayMotivation is? The fact that he is so independent & refuses the offer of a ride. He doesn’t need help. He is Aatmanirbhar!

Pradeep Mehra Interview: An Interview Conducted by News 18 reporter for the viral young boy Pradeep Mehra where they came to know more about him.

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