Assam Firing latest News -Two killed in police firing at Eviction site

Assam Firing Latest News Case Study

Assam Firing Latest News

In Guwahati, Two civilians were killed, and nine policemen were injured in Dholpur In the Assam’s Darrang district last Thursday. An eviction campaign to reclaim the government’s land from illegal settlers provoked mob fury and immediate reprisal, which included firing from all sides on one man who was charging at police with a stick.

The cops then began throwing batons at him while the man lay on the ground.
The outrage about the police shooting was heightened by a purported viral video showing a civilian jumping on and kicking the man killed by gunshots a few minutes earlier. The suspect, identified as a photographer who was part of the eviction ceremony, was detained by a Special DGP GP Singh. According to eyewitnesses of the incident, the photographer was pursued by a man killed by police.

There were casualties from the fighting, which was known by the names of Saddam Hussain and the Sheikh Farid. No official confirmation as to the authenticity of one of them—the village. Watch the video. A police officer with IAS ranking was airlifted to the Gauhati Medical College and hospital in a critical situation.

An inquiry is initiated by the state government under the circumstances that led to the deaths of civilians and the injuries sustained by some, which included crops too. A retired Gauhati High Court will oversee the inquiry.

The official story is that the police first fired into the air before bursting a gas bomb to appease protesters refusing to be evicted. Police were given a job to expel the illegal trespassers and carried the task but were attacked by people using rocks and knives. The police fired at the police, and the Eviction campaign will continue “CM Himanta Biswa Sarma said”

The area, which includes 7000 Bighas of land owned by the government, comprises a community-based farming project cleared by the state cabinet in recent days. On Monday, the district administration removed 800 homes in the initial eviction phase, with no unusual incident being recorded. The Thursday drive was to expel those remaining households that served with notices earlier in the day.
Villages reported that they had met to demand the rehabilitation of over 800 families exiled from the property they claimed to have occupied for more than four decades.

Assam Firing Latest News

Congress Rahul Gandhi called the police’s action ” state-sponsored fire”. He tweeted: Assam is under state-sponsored fire. “I am standing in solidarity with brothers and sisters” from the State. No child from India should be treated like this.

Assam Congress President Bhupen Kumar Borah claimed, ” the act of eviction has itself a human action, particularly in the covid-19.
AIUDF General Secretary Aminul Islam linked the firing to a “Jallianwala Bagh mascara ordered by general Dyer”.

We can’t take it as a fact. It suggests that the cm brings joy in the sadistic, ” he said.
The Gauhati High court, on May 10, had stayed off any order of demolition or eviction that any tribunal, court or authority passed in light of pandemic. However, the court vacated the ruling in August because the situation with covid within the State has increased.

Azhar Medicine Advocate General P.N. Goswami stated, ” the high court decision of May 10, in a suo-moto PIL is the issue about a “decree” issued by an authority, court or tribunal and the execution of it.

I understand that eviction of illegal encroaching from government land or within the reserve forest is not a requirement for a ” decree” from any authority or tribunal. In addition, an interim search order was cancelled by the Honourable High Court by order of August 13. So, charges are at Liberty to remove all illegal encroachments on government land and forest land.

The BJP leader government has ordered several evictions throughout the State to eliminate allegedly illegal settlements.

Assam Firing News Case Study – News in Assam

Assam Firing News

Hemant Sarma (Assam Chief Minister ) is happy and excited about the expulsion drive in Dholpur Village in Assam in which ‘illegal encroachments’ have been destroyed and killed three people and at least 5000 homeless under the sky. In an official tweet, Hemant Sarma stated,

“Continuing our drive against illegal encroachments, I am happy and compliment district administration of Darrang and @assampolice for having cleared about 4500 bigha, by evicting 800 households, demolishing four illegal religious structures and a private instance at Sipajhar, Darrang.” The minister has shared photos of the same without mention whatsoever of the humanitarian impact of the demolition, which has left families that reside there for a long time without a house.

The video that caused waves of shock across the country has not been a source of concern for authorities, even though it was discovered later that he had been detained. The video begins with a man sprinting from the village, running after a person, and then the man is shot and beat to death by a group of policemen waiting. He could easily have been defeated, but this thought was not thought of by the policemen who shot and killed the man with lathis.

The villager lay still when a man wearing glasses and with a camera for legitimacy- later identified as a photographer for the government who had been with the police to the location -came towards him, then jumped on the dead man’s chest, then hit the man. Two police officers took him away with a gentle hand.

The man’s corpse in the street lay on the ground without anyone bothering to find out if the dead man was alive or not after the photographer again emerged from a marathon and took a leap, landing with all force again onto the chest of the unlucky villager.

The photographer, as reports suggest, was later detained; however, it was by the CID and not by the Assam police. There are numerous concerns and questions :

1. Does this eviction campaign seem to be only one-sided, focusing on Bengali people?

2. What basis has the villagers of Dholpur village been accused of being illegal immigrants?

3. Because of the massive numbers, surely there should be a plan of rehabilitation that allows the villagers to settle in a new area peacefully and not through force? With dialogue and not with violence? After all, they’re at the possibility of losing everything they own, which is their home and the basis to earn a living. They are expected to resist, and not a threat from the state is not.

4. What is it that drove the self-defense photographer to wait for a while until the image of the villager seemed in motion–to show such hatred? Of course, he’s an integral part of a giant wheel, but that still requires explanation and actions to ensure that these savage acts cannot be justified or accepted.

5. And lastly, the governments are aware that this constant polarisation and attacks on minorities could affect the state and the people. Since there is no space and the effects of violence and pain are felt by everyone. Even in the remote region of Assam, where the cover of hatred and exclusion rapidly buries humankind.


After the Assam Firing Incident every one is searching for Assam firing latest news, Assam firing news, we state that we should keep calm and trust our government and hope for the best.

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