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Poker games are on the rise. Poker now In the current time, it is one of the most exciting games people are enjoying online with friends and family both as a hobby and at professional levels. Besides the availability of multiple online poker games, Arena Poker Online one need not have to worry about stepping out of the home to have a good game or experience. Of all the available choices, it is Spartan poker which has received great popularity. If you are new to it, then the guide here will provide you all the essential information you need to get started and succeed.

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How to play Spartan poker?

Generally, the Rules of Spartan poker are not difficult to learn and get started with. If you are one of the beginners, then the guide will help you learn things better.

Texas Hold emArena Poker Online

There are multiple variations in the poker game Texas Hold em of all is the most popular option. The ultimate objective herein or any of the other variants is winning. The rules to play the game is quite logical and simple. One can learn them within minutes and master the skills.

Spartan Poker- The card Game , players, and deck

Card Game

Texas Hold em requires at least two players to begin the game. The number here can go up to the max of 10. The game is started with 52 cards deck which excludes the Joker. Here the cards are ranked in the descending order. However, in some hands, there is a possibility for an Ace being the lowest.

When you play Spartan poker, the dealer will hand out two cards to each of the players. Over the rounds of the games, he will put out five cards. The player who has the best ranking 5 cards will win the pot. But the question is, how do you decide which hand is the best? Here the winning decision is based entirely on poker hand ranking. It is ranked in a specific order, which begins from royal flush at the top and at the bottom is the high card.

Spartan Poker Card Rankings

Spartan Poker Card Rankings

To play the game well and succeed, you must have a clear idea about the card rankings. Here are the details.

•          Royal flush

It is the best set of cards you can have. It includes K, J, A, 10, and Q of the same suit.

•          Straight flush

It includes 5 cards in sequence of the same suit. For instance, all the cards will be from hearts.

•          Four of a kind

Herein the four cards will be of equal ranking from a suit.

          Full house

It includes three cards of the same type and a pair.

•          Flush

It includes five cards of the same suit irrespective of the sequencer or order.

•          Straight

It includes five cards from any suit in sequence.

•          Three of a kind

This group includes three cards from any suit and are of same ranking. While the other two are of different ranks.

•          2 pair

The set includes two cards (pair) from the same ranking. While the fifth card can be from any suit.

•          1 pair

The set includes pair of two cards with the same ranking. While the other three varies.

•          High card

This means the hands with the highest card win.

Spartan poker- Blinds, Button, and Bets

Spartan poker Blinds

By having a clear idea about Spartan poker rules, one can have a better chance of winning. When you play Texas Hold’em poker, you must know it is divided into four betting rounds. Initially, the pot is formed by force bets that come from the two players at the dealer’s left. The best put forward is known as blinds, as they are put prior to the game. The game has the big and the small blind. The player at the left of the dealer opts for small blinds and vice versa.

The game includes a rotating dealer button. This means a player has to carry out the role of the dealer for one entire game and then pass it on. For choosing the dealer, the player deals with one card face down. The player who has the highest value card is the one who will act as the dealer for one game.

It is vital to remember that the dealer keeps changing the big and small blinds. Also, rotation of the blinds in the Spartan poker game encourages the players to place bets as they have something to win.

Spartan poker- How to play like a professional?

how to play poker

If you are a newbie to the game, then here are the details of how the game moves forward. Having a clear idea about Spartan poker rules and playing format will help you improve your chances of winning. The player who is present on the big blind’s left side begins the betting. The first round is known as pre-flops. Herein the first player has three options which include raise, call and fold and Arena Poker Online


The players willing to stay in the game based on their pocket cards must bet with the big blind. This means the amount put forward must be equal to the big blind.


The players who have good cards might want a stake raise. This means increasing the overall bet that one has made with the big blind. Herein the amount one can raise depends entirely on the table limits.


The player who has a weak hand has the option to discontinue the game at any time. A player can fold cards anytime he likes away. When he folds, he will lose all the money he has put on the table and won’t have any chance of winning. Now once all players have placed the bet, they can move forward to the next round.


Herein the dealer has to deal with three community cards face-up on the table. Once it is done, the second round begins. The rules here are as same as the pre-flop except.

•          The first active player in the game who is to the left of the dealer will begin

•          The first player to act has the opportunity to check


After the flop betting, the dealer puts another card face up on the table. This is known as the turn. The players can now place their cards according to the card that is added to the table. Herein betting is a lot similar to flop except that the best size for the first and the final round is doubled. However, with no limit, a player has the option to get any amount of chips, even their entire stack.


It is the last card that the dealer puts on the table. Also, it is the last card while batting takes place. Once all the players have completed their bets or folded, they can move ahead to a showdown.


When learning to play the online game Spartan poker, you must have your idea about the showdown. The remaining players will show their pocket cards. Now the players who have the top five best cards in hand take the pot. Check out the rules of showdown Arena Poker Online .

•          The player who has put forward the biggest bet in the river is the one to reveal the hand first. However, if any other player is willing to show first, then they are free for it.

•          In case all player chooses river, then the one closest to the dealer’s left will show the hand first, and the continuation will begin in a clockwise manner

•          If the player’s current hand is weaker than the winning hand, then he has the opportunity to show their cards. In the case of identical hands of two-player, then the bet amount is split.

If all the players during the game fold, then the last man when is the pot, and then the next game begins.

Spartan Poker Strategies for Beginners

The rules of Spartan poker are quite easy and clear to understand. Within 5 minutes, one can get a better idea about the workings and operations. However, there are certain strategies that, when used during the game, will ensure you have a better winning chance.

1.         Avoid playing too many hands

A big mistake that the newbies make is not being selective about their poker hands. It is advised to avoid falling into the trap that every hand in the game is a winning hand. Thus as a beginner, you need to memorize the hands ranking, learn positional play, probability charts, and get familiar with the psychology of the players to improve your winning chances.

2.         Limit bluffing

As an online Spartan poker player, you might have seen spectacular bluffing examples. Although it is a legitimate strategy in the game, you must know when is the right time to use it. It is advised to try an occasional bluff. But the idea about the when and how comes only with practice, knowledge, and experience.

3.         Play to positional strength

Almost every Spartan poker professional will advise you the best position for the game is the button. It is advised to play as many hands as possible when you are in this position. But make sure you play safe and tight.

4.         Avoid multitasking

When you are a beginner at Spartan poker, you must stick to a single table. Undoubtedly, multi-tabling has its own benefit and thrill, but it can wait until you have mastered the basic skills. Playing at a single table offer you the chance to learn things better and decide right.

5.         Practice

Practice in Spartan poker online game is the key to will. Thus the more you will play the game, the better it will be for you to learn strategies and probability. In case you are a newbie, then you must play a lot of tournaments. They help familiarise with the actions.

6.         Get familiar with the interface

You must take out your own time to get familiar with the interface better. No doubt Spartan poker games are quite easy to play, but it will require some time to understand the gameplay better. So make sure you put in your efforts to learn things and then start out betting.

Why play Spartan poker?

Whether you are a beginner who wants to know how to play Spartan poker online or have any experience with the game, Spartan poker offers the right opportunity to use the skills to win the bet. It is one of the biggest online communities for poker in the country. There are multiple tournaments and events that happen every day for different skill sets and experience people.

The site has a range of card games that offer an international gaming experience. Besides, you have the chance to earn Spartan poker real Paytm money.

Spartan poker FAQ

1.         How long does it take to learn poker?

The question is a tough one to answer. To be honest, it depends entirely on the skills and expertise of a person. Learning the game and rules will not take much time. A week is enough to practice and get used to the game. The more you will enjoy the gaming session, the better idea you will have. However, if you have never played a card game, then you will take more time than the others to learn how to play Spartan poker.

2.         Is the poker game the same as playing teen Patti?

No. There is a great difference between teen Patti and poker games. However, there are multiple similarities. Poker is a lot more complex, an advanced version of teen Patti. In poker games, the players have the five-card winning hand. It is the community concept here and that makes poker an engaging and intellectual game. Besides this, poker also requires more skills than teen Patti. Also, your luck plays a great role in winning. But if you are somewhat familiar with teen Patti, then it will be easy for you to get used to online Spartan poker games.

3.         Is online poker legal?

Yes. You can enjoy poker online on websites like Spartan poker in a legitimate manner. Spartan poker considers all the laws of the country and the payout methods with tax deduction. So it is not time that you step up and learn how to play poker to earn some extra rewards for yourself.

4.         What are poker freerolls?

The freerolls are the tournaments organized for the players who are new to adjust to the basics. You can join any of the freerolls without putting in any money but still stand a chance to win the prize. Besides, a freeroll is a great way of learning poker and getting familiar with the interface while earning some money.

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