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Teen Patti – Teen Patti Rules

Teen Patti Rules

Teen Patti is a highly popular card game in India. It is a simple poker version for Indian people. Teen Patti can either be played online or in a casino with a group of 3 or 6. It is a quite exciting game that the players are fascinated about. If you are new to this game and have no idea about 3 Patti rules or how to play 3 Patti online, then stick to the guide, as it will help you get a better understanding.

How to play Teen Patti?

how to play teen patti

Teen Patti is a type of poker played by at least 3 to 6 players. The game includes 55 cards, excluding the Joker. The players have to put a certain amount in the pot to begin the game. Three cards are then distributed to each player. The ultimate way of winning the game is to have the cards that have the highest ranking in the game. The details mentioned here will clarify Teen Patti rules and how you can win to make 3 Patti real money paytm cash.

Teen Patti Rules

Teen Patti Rules

If you are a beginner to Teen Patti, you must clear your head of all the doubts about the 3 Patti card game. It is known that the one who rules the game must be well versed with every minor detail. So, let’s begin getting a better idea about the rules.

  1. Teen Patti hand ranking

Each of the players in 3 Patti gets three cards in hand, which is the combination. It can make the person win. Each of the combinations has its own ranking. This means that Teen Patti Rules have been categorized by the probability of the cards. The details have been covered here.

  • Trial

When the player receives three cards that are either of the same rank or number, then it is known as trail cards. A combination of three Aces of the diamond, is the most powerful.

  • Pure sequence

When you have all three cards in the same color, it is known as a pure sequence. So, for example, if you get a king, jack and a queen in the series, then this completes the sequence.

  • Sequence or straight

For this combination, the three cards have the same number but different colors.

  • Color or flush

This combination is of any 3 unrelated numbers that have the same color. However, the numbers must not be in sequence. For instance, if you have three diamonds, then a heart or the Ace must be with different numbers but the same color.

  • Pair or double

In this combination, the players have the same number cards. For instance, you can get a pair like a king and a jack. Here is your third card that is of the same value and ranking.

  • High card or no pair

When you have received the combination that is from none of those mentioned above combinations, then you can play with only the high cards you have.

Teen Patti online game

Teen Patti Online

3 Patti online game is about winning the 3 Patti chips and analyzing the psychology of the players. You must be smart about the amount you are putting forward in the game. Also, you must know the players who might play. Despite all the stakes, it is quite an exciting game and is already loved by many. Besides, 3 Patti offers Paytm cash when you have accumulated enough amount in your account. So if you are ready to begin playing the game, then make sure you keep in mind the tips mentioned here as they will be extremely helpful for you.

Teen Patti Rules for Betting

Once the dealer has dealt with the cards, each of the players will have their three cards that they can see. It is known as a seen player. At the same time, the player who chooses to take the game by luck is known as a blind player. The choice here will affect the betting for each player. The seen players have to bet double the amount of blind players. Also, the blind player can see the card anytime. When opting for Teen Patti online game, then there will be the rounds as follow.

  • Round 1

If you are a new player on the Teen Patti Game, you must know the chip is the minimum amount you have to put forward to start the game. This means it becomes the bet for the first round in 3 Patti.

  • Round 2

The next round in the 3 Patti online game depends entirely on the seen and blind payers. Herein the blind players can only put the stake on the current amount but not double of it. At the same time, the seen player on the other side can bet on the current sake but not more than 4 times the amount. In this round, all the players have the option to pack the game. This will be seen as a sacrifice value they have put in the pot.

The rounds will go on until the person with the highest 3 Patti sequence wins. Here you have the option to earn real money online by betting.

Slideshow in 3 Patti

In the game, 3 Patti’s slideshow is a compromise. If you want to compare the cards in the middle of the game, then you can choose to do it with the other players. However, you must request for the slideshow. The player with the lowest hand ranking will have to pack in the cards, and then the others can move ahead with the game. However, the slideshow here requires the agreement of both the players.

Teen Patti game

The 3 Patti winners is not by chance. Although, the rules of the game can make a great difference. So understand the rules of 3 Patti for better results.

  • The player who holds the highest card ranking will win
  • If a player keeps the card open while the others fold and pack, then he is declared a winner
  • When the players pack and fold the cards or if someone raises a request for a slideshow, then another player has to quit. Thus the one who has the higher ranking will win.

Is there a difference between poker and Teen Patti?

Both the games have a great difference in the rules and formats. It is the number of cards that is used during the game. For instance, in poker, the players receive 7 cards but have to use the combination of 5. However, when you play 3 Patti, a three-card runs on probability. It can be said that 3 Patti is a game of chance. On the other side poker requires strategy, skills, etc. You can enjoy both of these games online for free on different channels at your own comfort.

3 Patti tricks to win

Teen Patti Rules might seem a bit difficult to understand at first, but remembering some handy tips can be helpful to play like a professional. So here are the tips for help.

  • Make sure you always agree upon the currents stakes you want to put forward
  • Keep a close eye on the opponent and their playing pattern
  • Make sure to opt for slideshow if you are not sure about your card rankings
  • If you have a doubt, pack your cards to end
  • Try bluffing with cards. It will confuse the others to fold

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