The love for #RadheShyam knows no bounds! Box office rampage with 119 cr gross in 2 days worldwide. #BlockBusterRadheShyam

Actress Pooja Hegde in 'Radhe Shyam' is playing the role of Prerana in this periodic drama. She thanked one and all for taking care of her during the filming process.

#RadheShyam 📷 Australia 📷   Friday: A$206,739 Saturday: A$99,529 Sunday: A$70,298  Total: A$377,401 📷 📷 New Zealand 📷   Friday: A$15,433 Saturday: A$16,831 Sunday: A$11,446  

Bhagyashree, who will soon be seen with Prabhas in Radhe Shyam, said she had a perception of him after watching Baahubali

Radhe Shyam Files OTT Release Date 2022, Cast, Review