What is Bully Bai App? Why Bully Bai App is on Controversy in 2022?



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About Bully Bai App

Bully Bai

The Bully Bai app is a mobile application built on the Github Application Programming Interface (API) that functions similarly to the Sulli Deal app. According to reports, the app was released at the beginning of this year to coincide with the New Year on Saturday, January 1.


Neeraj Bishnoi created the app, a 21-year-old Assamese boy detained by the IFSO (Intelligence Fusions and Strategic Operations) unit on Thursday, January 6. When the Bulli Bai App is launched, various Muslim women’s faces will appear on the user’s screen.

The Bulli Bai app was created on Github, an open-source software hosting platform. A woman who works for a digital news portal first complained about the app, claiming that the term “bully bai” is a derogatory term used to disrespect and insult Muslim women. In 2021, the Sulli app became embroiled in controversy for similar activities, and twoFIRs were filed against the Sulli deal by UP police and Delhi police.

Bully Bai App Case Study| Bully Bai App Controversy

Three people have been arrested for Bully Bai App Case/ Bully Bai App Controversy as a result of an investigation into an app that appeared to denigrate Muslim women by using morphed images of them in a fake online auction.

While there were no actual “auctions” or “sales,” the app appeared to be designed to humiliate and intimidate the targeted women. Many of them are frequent/random social media users.

The action was taken in response to the numerous complaints from prominent women who claimed that their morphed photos were used on the GitHub platform, an open-source app.

Bulli Bai, a derogatory term for Muslim women, was the name of the app.

In a police complaint that was filed on Sunday, Ismat Ara, a journalist targeted by the app, claimed that it was an attempt to harass/humiliate Muslim women.


According to Ara’s social media complaint, the said “GitHub” is violent, threatening, and intends to instil fear and shame in mind, as well as the minds of women in general and the Muslim community whose women are being targeted in this hateful manner.

Women victims demanded the arrest of those responsible, and Shiv Sena MP Priyanka Chaturvedi filed a complaint with Mumbai Police’s cyber wing.

Three people were arrested as a result of the outrage. The first arrest was made in India’s southern Bengaluru city, where Vishal Jha, a 21-year-old engineering student, was apprehended.

Shweta Singh, a 19-year-old woman from Uttarakhand state, was arrested in the second case. According to the police, the girl was the primary suspect in the case.

Then, in the early hours of Wednesday, Mayank Rawal (21) was apprehended.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, a similar case surfaced, with the target shifting to Hindu women.

A channel on the cross-platform messaging app Telegram features morphed photos of Hindu women.

“Channel blocked,” said Information and Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnav on Twitter. “The Indian government is coordinating with state police authorities to take action.”

Bully Bai meaning in Hindi

अल्पसंख्यक समुदाय की महिलाओं की जानकारी और इजाजत के बगैर उनकी तस्वीरों के साथ छेड़छाड़ कर उन्हें नीलामी के लिए इंटरनेट पर डाले जाने वाले बुल्ली बाई ऐप केस में हुए खुलासे हैरान करते हैं। नए साल के पहले दिन कुछ महिला पत्रकारों और कार्यकर्ताओं के जरिए सामने आया यह मामला सबको सकते में डालने वाला था।

Bully Bai APK

Bully Bai Apk

Bulli Bai APK is an online adult platform that has pictures of various celebrities. Journalists, social workers, students, and other stakeholders are among those who have downloaded the Bulli Bai App. Users claim that developers upload images to the auction as well.

After extensive research and gathering data from various sources, today, we have succeeded in providing authentic information that can be gathered here. Smartphone users will be able to understand the application’s key issues in this manner.


That being said, we’ll go over some important topics here. This completely spread the rage among the people and resulted in personal injury. However, we do not know what the Indian government has in mind for this.

However, the IT Minister and other relevant bodies had previously raised this pressing issue. Separate statements were issued by officials regarding the ban on Bulli Bai Apk and Bulli Bai. Following the overwhelming response from the people.

The app’s purpose is very clear, and everyone is aware of it. Indian officials, celebrities, and civil society have all condemned it. The app’s creator’s intention is to insult and humiliate powerful women.

The Bulli Bai Apk is a site where you can post photos of women for sale or auction. As a result, the user attempted to psychologically and physically exploit these women for being courageous and speaking out against injustice in society. This demonstrates hatred for a specific community.

Bully Bai App Download

Bully Bai App Download

Bully Bai App Download is a contentious application that was launched on GitHub by a well-known Indian user. Shortly after its initial release, the app was made available on a variety of third-party app stores. It quickly went viral and drew a lot of criticism from viewers.

However, the reason for this type of reaction is entirely legitimate. Because that app is most likely Sulli Bai 2.0, it was an app that featured Muslim women who had a strong presence on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


A few months ago, the same controversy enraged people by auctioning off photographs of Muslim women. However, the government claims that it aggressively addressed the issue and resolved this heinous activity in a timely manner. This new problem is now speaking in his head a few months later.

This new application’s concept was identical to that of the previous platform. The developers, on the other hand, only auctioned off photographs of famous people. Users, however, claim that a number of women have been added to the auction list.

Following a review of the available reports and expert opinions, the platform supports the process of auctioning individual images without authorization. Which is illegal, and people are demanding that justice be served as soon as possible.

Official data show that the Bully by App GitHub was first released on January 1, 2022, which was considered a happy new year. Officers are initially reluctant to take coercive action against the relevant app.


How to download and install the Bully Bai Apk?

This one-of-a-kind property ensures that its users are always safe. If you can’t find this app on Google Play, you can always get it from this website. Before you finish the idea, follow the steps below to install this app on Android devices.

  • In Settings, navigate to “Unknown Sources.” Then, go to Security and turn on the Security option.
  • Navigate to your Android device’s download manager and select “Bulli Bai.” It is now time for you to download.
  • On the mobile screen, there are two options. There are two ways to install an operating system, and both require you to boot your Android device quickly.
  • On your mobile screen, you will see a popup with options. It takes some time for it to appear.
  • When all downloads and installations are finished, simply select “Open” and the screen will appear on your mobile device.

Bully Bai Photos

Bully Bai Github App Download

Bully Bai Github App Download: According to police sources, photos of approximately 100 well-known Muslim women were posted on the ‘Buli Bai’ application. (Bulli Bai App Apk Download) In which photos of female journalists were also uploaded. His auction was also taking place. In this case, the accused can be arrested and brought to court today. Download Bulli Bai App Apk

The cyber cell had posted on Twitter that they were looking into the matter. Because the police received information about three Twitter handles associated with ‘Bulli Bai.’ Mumbai Police had written a letter to Google, the domain that created the Bully Buy application, instructing it to close this application after receiving a complaint about it.

Github Bully Bai Download

Github Bully Bai Download: According to a Mumbai police official, they are now requesting that all of the women register their statements so that the case can be strengthened further.

The Mumbai Cyber Police have filed an FIR against the Twitter handle responsible for creating and promoting the ‘Bully Bye’ app. This information was provided by a government official on Sunday. The police took this action in response to a public outcry over the uploading photos of at least 100 powerful Muslim women to an app. According to him, the case was filed on Saturday under sections 354-D (pursuing women), 500 (punishment for defamation), and other provisions of the Information Technology Act. (Download Bulli Bai App Apk)

“The West Zone of the Cyber Police has registered an FIR against the operators of the Twitter handle as well as the (developer) of the ‘Bully Bye’ app posted on GitHub,” he said. On the ‘Bully by’ app, Shiv Sena MP Priyanka Chaturvedi flagged both the Mumbai Police and Information and Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnav and demanded action.

“On this matter, the Government of India is working closely with police organizations in Delhi and Mumbai,” Vaishnav tweeted on Sunday. Download Bulli Bai App Apk. The Mumbai Police Department stated that they have taken cognizance of the situation and have requested that the appropriate authorities take action. The uploading of photos on the ‘Bully Buy’ app is similar to the uploading of photos on “Sully Deals” in July of last year.

Pros And Cons Of of Downloading Bully Bai APK


  • Any version of the application can be downloaded directly from the third-party website. You can access the app archives for most versions and download them as needed.
  • Unlike the Play Store, downloading is instant. There is no need to wait for the review process, and so on.
  • After downloading, an APK file will be saved to your memory card/system memory. As a result, you can uninstall and reinstall them as many times as you want without downloading.


  • Google does not usually check that apps downloaded from third-party sources. As a result, it may be harmful to your phone.
  • APK files may contain viruses that steal data from your phone or cause it to malfunction.
  • Because your apps do not normally have access to the Google Play Store, they will not automatically update.

Bully Bai Video


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Twenty-four thousand five hundred one users have rated the average. The app received a one-star rating from 10 users and a five-star rating from 704 users. The app has been downloaded at least times, but the total number of downloads is unknown. Bulli Bai App is available for free download. If you need a free app to download for your your device, but you must have a 5.0+ version or higher to install it.

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