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Winzo Gold- The Best to Earn Money Online

Winzo Gold

Winzo is a highly popular online rummy game that is loved by many Indians because it offers the opportunity to earn real cash. The latest version of the winzo game comes with new features that you can earn through winzo gold APK download. Besides this, you can even collect points and coins by referring the game to your friends and family.

Winzo app- What is it?

Winzo app

Winzo is one of the most popular rummy games online that is used to play and earn money. There are multiple games available for game lovers. You can enjoy the game with your friends, colleagues, or family. Winzo game APK latest version has popular games like pool, free fire, ludo, carom. You now have the option to enjoy more than 10 games with a winzo gold APK download. You can enjoy different genre games like Adventure, action, Card games, casual, etc. If you are up for it, then make sure to check out the guide to get a better idea about the games.

Winzo online game features

Winzo online game

The rules of the winzo game is quite simple and easy. You will be provided with 13 cards in the game for which you have to make a sequence and collect more points to earn big cash. Most of the players prefer this game because of the graphics and the gameplay. In the game, you have to drop and collect the cards one by one by clicking on the declare button. The cards herein are quite attractive. Besides this, the winzo gold APK download latest version has more enjoyable features like a joker card, access to 5-6 players, mod, and many other advanced options. There are four major types of rummy games you can enjoy. This includes.

1.         Point rummy

It is one of the most simple rummy games you can play online. The rules are simple, wherein you have to simply make the sequences first and declare.

2.         Deal rummy

In this winzo rummy game, everything right from the rounds to players are fixed. Once the game has completed, the player with the lowest score is terminated while the one with the highest wins.

3.         Pool rummy

Here in the players can play one round and then opt for a tournament table. All the players will get 101 points. At the end of the game, the one with the highest score wins.

4.         Raise rummy

It is quite the same as point rummy. However, here in the points keep on increasing after the intervals.

How to play winzo online?

How to play winzo online

To enjoy the game online, you need to follow the following steps mentioned here

•          The first thing to do is look for winzo APK pure download on the Google browser

•          Once you find the application, you need to install it on your device

•          Go ahead to complete the sign-in process and then choose the rummy game you are willing to play

•          Make sure to check the rules to get a better idea about the game.

•          The Indian winzo rummy game is a card game for which you can use the following tricks to win.

Tips to win winzo

•          In the game, there are 13 cards on your hand and a joker present on the screen. You can use the joker to make the sequence. It is vital that you make proper sequences and then, once done, finally press the declare button to collect the cash.

•          In case your cards are not good enough for the sequence, you can drop the game. But remember, if you drop first, then you will lose your money.

•          When you pick a card, it is vital to discard 1 from your side.

Many people prefer this game because it is quite fast and secure for earning money.

Best money earning game on winzo

Best money earning game on winzo

A great thing about winzo is that there are multiple options you can consider to play and earn genuine money. Among the application, winzo gold undoubtedly is the best for anyone who wants to earn money online. The first reason behind this is because of the availability of multiple games. The second is you can earn great money here, and the third is the decent referral program that also pays you. Besides this, there are no ads on the application. This means you can enjoy the game for a long time without getting any single advertisement to distract you.

When you install and register yourself on the application, you will get Rs.50 as a signup bonus. You can use that money to play the new game. Here are the games that you can enjoy on winzo.

1.         Winzo baazi

2.         World war

3.         Quiz games

4.         Versus

Winzo gold APK download

You can easily opt for a winzo APK download from a third-party store. But make sure to change the settings to accept installation from the third-party store. Besides this, keep an eye on the downloading file. While downloading it on an iOS device, you can easily trust the downloaded application before running it.

Winzo gold app

To win money from winzo gold, you need to download the game and register yourself on it. Once you are done, you will have access to numerous games which we can play to earn money online easily.

How to log out from the winzo app?

If you are planning to logout from a winzo application when you can simply follow the following steps

•          Visit the additional settings option

•          Look for application management. Here you will find out the app

•          Click on clear cache and clear data option

•          Once done, you can come back to the interface and log in again to the application

Playing games

Winzo gold is a tried and tested way for playing games and earning money right from the phone. There is a distinctive game format you can consider to enjoy the gaming session online. But before you begin the game, you will have to pay a passage charge known as Boot sum. As there are multiple games, make sure you play the game that you are best at. To begin, you simply need to click on the game you want to play and then select a Boot sum. The app will find your rival and collect equivalent booth sum from the others. If you win the game, you can recover the cash later and use it for playing more games.

Lending money

If you want to withdraw the money, then you need to visit the money page, where you will see public money acquiring quests. Here and you will find 10’ for 5’. This means that the player will have to return you can 10 rupees when you lend him 5. Remember, the borrowers cannot pull out their money until they have paid the lenders. When there is sufficient some in the record, the required amount will be deducted and will be transferred to the lender’s record.

Winzo Refer and earn

Winzo Refer and earn

A great way to bring cash in winzo is by inviting your friends and family to download winzo APK. When your friends install the application using URL and verify it, you will benefit. Besides this, if they add some money to the wallet, then you will get cash for their subscription. Further, when your friend plays 10 games, you will earn some money. It is a great opportunity for those to earn money who have a good friend network.

Despite the popularity, there is still a misconception that winzo gold is not a legit game, but it is vital to note here that it is absolutely legitimate. You can enjoy the game and earn money in real-time. Although new players might have some second thoughts about the application, but you must not misunderstand. The application creates a mutually beneficial agreement for all the players. In case you have any uncertainty about how difficult the application is, then there is a list of individuals in the application who are on different levels. It will offer you the right insights.

Winzo payout

As per the winzo earning application, they have paid about 200 crores to the players. As of now, there are three options available to withdraw the money, which include UPI, Paytm, and bank transfer. For your withdrawal, you need to have at least 3 rupees in your winzo wallet. The payout will be instantly processed. But it is vital to remember that winzo will charge 5% of the withdrawal sum as the expense.  Besides this, you also have the option to withdraw the entire amount at once.

Is winzo legit?

Winzo Gold

People nowadays searches for Winzo Gold, Winzo Online Game, How to Play Winzo, Winzo Gold Apk Download, Winzo gold refer and earn. All these topics are covered in the article hope you get all the information you needed.

Winzo is a 100% legitimate application that provides real money for playing games and referring it to friends. But remember, there are no winzo tricks that you can use. If you find any blogs or websites that provide you details for winzo gold mod APK download latest version 2020, you must remember it is an absolute stunt and is there to scam.

Winzo is an award-winning online game where you can play different fascinating games online with your friends and family to earn genuine cash. In case of any queries or difficultly, you can contact customer support to get a proper idea.


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